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Molly Leach

Molly Leach is an internationally recognized abstract artist from South Florida. She has lived in coastal cities most of her life and she draws a lot of her inspiration from the ocean. She likes to focus on color combinations, composition, and movement. Molly also loves to teach others all kinds of different types of art.

Olga Soby

Olga Soby is an internationally recognized fluid artist from Canada. Being a huge art enthusiast, she is best known  for bright colors, bold movement in composition, and love of experimenting. She truly believes in the creative spark in everyone and loves helping people to find it and turn it into a bright artistic flame.

Rinske Douna

Rinske Douna is an internationally recognized fluid abstract artist and graphic designer from the Netherlands who is best known for the Dutch pour, an acrylic painting technique. Many of her works are inspired from the colors of nature and the ocean. Her works are recognisable by her use of negative space and composition.


What our Students say

Thank you for such a brilliant course!

This course has been OUTSTANDING and a pleasure to take part in. Now more of the fun continues, where I put this all into practice. I will also keep referring back to this platform as a library of information. Thank you for such a brilliant course!

Very in-depth and well done.

I signed up for your course and I have to say it is absolutely fabulous! I am still on the first session, I’ve gone over it several times. Every time I watch it I see something that I missed. Very in-depth and well done. The instructors are so good. Great Course!

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