Mindfully Creative 

Art Techniques for the Mind, Body and Soul 

No prior art or drawing skills needed!

This exciting course is led by Mark Ratcliffe, a Fluid Artist based in the UK. Mark is a certified meditation coach and has a diploma in mental health first aid and art therapy. He has utilized and practiced mindful art for his own mental well-being for years. Now he wants to bring his knowledge to YOU! This course has a wealth of art exercises to help your connect your creative mind with your health and wellbeing. This course teaches you how to be present, in the moment, and 
Even if you’ve never practiced Mindfulness OR Art before, this course is for YOU!


Mindfully Creative: Art Techniques for the

Mind, Body, and Soul

by Mark Ratcliffe

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The Joy of using Art and Creativity to Focus on Being Present and in the Moment:


A Practice That Anyone Can Learn!

Be in the present moment: Mindfulness may not be a word you are familiar with, but in general terms it is the practice of being aware of the present moment and accepting it without judgment. It involves paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations in a non-judgmental way. Mindfulness can be practiced in many different ways, but Mark has designed this course to be fun and creative – even if you are new to art. The best thing about this course is it can be done at your own pace, you can choose what order to do the exercises,  and you have your choice of over 50 guided and non-guided exercises that will help you practice being in the present moment.

And the best news of all is…
ANYONE can be mindfully creative, if you know how to apply these concepts!  Mindfulness, when practiced appropriately and often, can have many benefits to your well being. You don’t have to be good at drawing or art to do this course.  It’s about experiencing the process of being creative. It is not ultimately about the end result of the creation you are working on; instead it is about being aware of the process while completing each exercise. It is an added bonus if you create something that you love!

If this sounds like something you’d like to learn about, then, this course is for YOU!


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This Exclusive Online Course

Mindfully Creative: Art Techniques for the

Mind, Body, and Soul

Be in the here and now

This is a comprehensive online course that’s fully dedicated to helping you learn how art and creativity can help you be more present and mindful.

This course is for those who want to expand their own practice of mindfulness, or for those that want to learn of additional ways to be mindful while creating art. Mindfulness is about the unwinding and relaxation of autopilot to help you pause, stop and recognize the present moment. Practicing mindfulness can have numerous benefits for your wellbeing including reduced stress and increased self-awareness.  Overall, the benefits of being creative and mindfulness are numerous and you may create some art that you love in the process! 

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Get to know Mark

Meet Your Expert Instructor

Mark Ratcliffe

Mark Ratcliffe is a certified medication coach and has a diploma in mental health first aid and art therapy. He is abstract artist from England, United Kingdom. He has drawn upon his own experience and passion for creativity, to create this course.  

Mark draws his creative inspiration from the places he visits, nature, and the people he meets along the way. Mark says: “Abstract art is subjective and the one thing I really enjoy is when people look at a piece of art and see different things; we are all unique individuals and our interpretation reflects that”. 

Mark is living proof that practicing Mindfulness is valuable. It has improved his own well being and this course was created to bring those same benefits to everyone interested in giving it a try. 

For me, Mindfulness goes beyond the expectation to clear the mind; in reality we can’t just clear our mind from thoughts, feelings and emotions. The mind is a complex part of the human body. What we can do, is practice how to be more Mindful by acknowledging our thoughts, and placing them to one side whilst we concentrate fully on an exercise or task in hand. I wanted to develop creative exercises that explore Art on a different level whilst practicing Mindfulness. We don’t have to be good at art, or drawing, or even be an artist to tap into our creative side. We just need to learn how to pause, switch off our autopilot, and take time for ourselves mindfully and creatively”.  

Mark is excited for you to take the course and to connect with you on your Mindfulness journey.

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We Cover Everything You Need to Know

Inside This Step-by-Step Online Course

  We cover every important aspect of Mindfulness through various guided-exercise videos, reference sheets and worksheets. Here’s a quick sneak peek of what you’ll discover inside the course…

A Brief Introduction to Mindfulness

  • Learn what Mindfulness actually is and how you can use your creativity to practice the basics
  • Recognize the benefits of mindful art practices 
  • Practice Guided and Non-Guided exercises at your own pace, injecting some creativity along the way (over 50 different exercises!!!)
  • Gain access to multiple worksheets and reference sheets to help you learn how to be mindfully creative
  • Participate in a guided meditation exercise 

What is Art and is this Art Therapy

  • We touch upon what Art is and how you can inject some art and creativity into the exercises even if you are not an artist or you can’t really draw

  • This isn’t Art Therapy directly, but instead an holistic approach to learn and practice creative art techniques that will help you be more present and in tune with your emotions

A look at Emotions

  • Examine your emotions and how they may affect your mind, body, soul, and creativity; by just being aware of them
  • Access multiple exercises that help you use your emotions to practice Mindfulness

Understand the Importance of Switching off Autopilot

  • Learn how to be in the “here and now” – the present
  • Use the guided and non-guided exercises to truly learn how to enjoy the creative process without judgement. This course will navigate you through this process 
  • Use these exercises to focus your mind and allow yourself some “YOU” time. 

Explore Color

  • Examine what Color is and how Color can affect your creative art practice 
  • Explore some of the perceived universal meanings for color and what they mean to you
  • Utilize exercises that incorporate color and meanings; how it can benefit you

 YOU are important

  • Allocate some time to practice being mindfully creative using breathing, meditation, and art 
  • YOU are important and you are allowed to take the time for yourself to enjoy your creativity
  • Learn a practice that is just for YOU – you deserve this self-care without any judgment and expectations

Exercises that can be done by anyone

  • Guided-exercises by video – to demonstrate how to approach an exercise and adapt exercises to suit your own abilities
  • Non-guided exercises that you can read and interpret on your own, again adapting to suit your own needs and requirements 
  • All done at your own pace, following the basic principles 

Remembering the Golden Rules

  • You will be reminded throughout that there is no right or wrong way to do the exercises; you fit them to suit you and your own needs
  • You don’t have to be good at art or drawing to take this course and benefit from what it teaches you
  • You can always stop and pause the exercises – and that is OK – especially when you need to re-focus and concentrate on the process of NOW

And… you will receive these EXTRA’S!


Interact with others in the course (including the instructor) through course comments! It will be great to learn about where everyone is from and how each of us are approaching the exercises


Get Exclusive access to periodic updates, new videos and new worksheets!

BONUS #3! 

Download the reference sheets and worksheets for FREE to enable you to have a better experience when practicing Mindfulness 

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Mindfully Creative: Art Techniques for the

Mind, Body, and Soul



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