Tina’s Exclusive
Botanical Dutch Pour Course

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The Botanical Dutch Pour Course

Learn How to Create Botanical Paintings Inspired by Nature

This exciting Step-by-Step Course is led by an incredible and creative artist, Tina Sellek, owner of Tina’s Inspired Art.

Experience and explore a fresh and new spin on a technique in Fluid Art.

A fluid art technique

The Botanical Dutch Pour:

What is it?

Unique Acrylic Pouring Method

This is a unique and innovative Acrylic Pouring method created by Tina Sellek.

The Dutch Pour serves as the foundation for The Botanical Dutch Pour technique. Thin paints are blown into a beautiful design. Then, using various techniques and an intricate painting process, the Dutch Pour is transformed into a beautiful botanical painting. This style of painting incorporates visual elements of nature to help your eyes see a natural element within each piece of art.

This Art Technique involves using a combination of acrylics thinned with various mediums, drawing intricate line designs onto a base of paint, using a blow dryer to carefully blow out the overlapping colors, forming plant-like images. Finish by using various tools to coax natural elements into the designs.

This course provides an easy-to-follow in depth guide on making many different styles of Botanical Dutch Pours.  You will learn the process, step-by-step, to create stunning works of art.

This creative painting experience can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of your art knowledge or experience.

We know you will absolutely love it!


Our Exclusive Online Course

*The Botanical Dutch Pour*

Get excited and unleash your inner artist!

Jump into the world of color, and let your creativity flourish.

In this comprehensive course, Tina will teach you the basics of the Botanical Dutch Pour and learn the fundamentals of fluid art as well as gain a deeper understanding of its background and how she developed this technique. Tina will cover all the necessary materials that will help you create stunning artwork. You will master the art of mixing colors and achieving the perfect consistency for your creations. Additionally, you will explore various techniques for layering colors and creating beautiful effects. The course will also dive into the world of botanical art, teaching you how to create different botanical designs. Furthermore, you will understand the key elements of design and composition to create visually appealing artwork. Lastly, Tina will guide you on how to draw attention to specific areas of your artwork and create a focal point.


Embellishing artwork can be daunting at times. Where do you start? What materials do you need? This course will teach you multiple embellishment techniques to get your creative juices flowing! Discover techniques for adding embellishments to your artwork and taking it to the next level. Unlock the secrets of creating transparent images using acrylic paints. Learn how to add texture and dimension to your paintings with embossing and textured mediums techniques and much more!. 

Get ready to embark on an artistic journey like no other. Join us in this course and unlock your full creative potential!

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Tina’s Exclusive
Botanical Dutch Pour Course

Use coupon code: SAVE10

Get to know Tina

Meet Your Expert Art Instructor

Tina Sellek

Tina is a recognized fluid abstract artist from Oklahoma. She has 30+ years using multiple art mediums from drawing with colored pencil, using watercolor, oil and acrylic painting and most recently fluid acrylics.  She has gained recognition for her pioneering work in developing and inventing the Botanical Dutch Pour technique, as well as her exceptional skills in embellishing and enhancing artworks. Her works are inspired by her deep-rooted relationship with nature, nurtured through her upbringing on a family farm. Her works are a brilliant fusion of a creative, captivating technique, blending the influence of nature’s beauty within every work of art for a truly eye-catching effect!

Sneak peek!

 Everything You Need to Know is

Inside This Step-by-Step Online Course

Here’s a quick sneak peek of what you’ll discover inside the course…
 1. Fluid art basics and background info
  • You will learn the basics of the Botanical Dutch Pour technique that seamlessly blends the beauty of nature into every artwork
  • You will not only learn the technical aspects of botanical fluid acrylic painting but also gain insight into Tina’s creative process and her unwavering passion for capturing nature’s beauty
2. Recommended materials & supplies
  • Discover what Materials & Supplies to use and recommended by Tina
  • Learn what tool works best for creating the natural botanical design element, and why it is her preference
3. Mixing and consistency
  • What Tina uses for her base layer & acrylic layers
  • What consistency is recommended for the botanical technique
  • Layering your paint colors

4. Elements of design
  • How to think about composition, and negative space
  • How to create a focal point
5. Mastering Essential Techniques
  • Learn the correct way to drag through the base layer of paint.
  • Speed of dragging and lifting 
  • What to avoid while dragging to create your design
  • What to look for during the process to ensure a cohesive look
6. Design techniques for different canvas sizes and how shape affects design composition
  • Mastering the art of conceptualizing design concepts
  • How stunning botanical designs are created


7. Create stunning botanical designs and use creative strategies to spark your imagination
  • Create a design with a focal point
  • Create a field of flowers design
  • Create a whimsical design
  • Create a design with an abstract flower 
  • Create a new corner design
8. Embellishments 
  • Learn how to create stencils
  • Learn to paint images to look transparent with acrylic paints
  • Learn multiple ways of embossing and adding texture to your paintings

And… you will receive these EXTRA’S!

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BONUS #2 ! 

    • How to enhance your artwork with embellishments
    • How to create and use stencils for 
    • How to paint images to look transparent with acrylic paints
    • Embossing
    • How to add texture to your painting

BONUS #3 ! Get Exclusive access to periodic updates, new videos and new lectures

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I follow your course at my own pace?

Yes! You can! This is a pre-recorded course. You can login anytime to access the courses. You can go at your own pace. You have lifetime access.

What supplies do I need?

Tina explains and shows what products she uses and why she recommends them. 

Do you offer feedback?

Under the sections & video’s in the course you can post comments. Tina tries to answer comments weekly.

Are there Subtitles?

Yes. This course has English captions.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. We have a 14-day refund policy. No questions asked. Email us here

Can I get a Certificate?

If you complete the course; The Botanical Dutch Pour, you will receive a digital Certificate of completion.

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