Rinske Douna’s Exclusive
Dutch Pour Bloom Course

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Dutch Pour Bloom Course

Learn How to Create
Spectacular Flower Paintings
in the Blink of an Eye.

This exciting Step-by-Step Course is led by Rinske Douna, an Internationally Recognized Artist.

Experience the joy of this Acrylic Pouring Technique.  

A fluid art technique

The Dutch Pour Bloom:

What is it?

Unique Acrylic Pouring Method

The Dutch Pour Bloom is an Acrylic pouring Technique. This is where the artist pours “fluid” acrylic paints on a surface to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece of abstract artwork.

The Background

The Dutch Pour is a pouring technique created by Rinske Douna in 2016. This Art Technique involves: Mixing Acrylics with water and using a blow dryer to blow out a puddle of different colors. This rapidly became one of the biggest techniques in the Fluid Art World. The Spectacular results, amazing effects, the cells that form and use of negative space, made it so popular.
The Dutch Pour Bloom, is inspired by her original Dutch Pour. But in this process, stunning flowers are created, with the use of a spinning table.

And the best news of all is….

This course will teach you step-by-step how to create all sorts of Dutch Pour Blooms. This can be easily learned by people of all ages and backgrounds – including yourself! You don’t have to have an art background to enjoy this creative painting experience.

We believe this is something you’re absolutely going to love!


Our Exclusive Online Course

*Dutch Pour Bloom*

you won’t be able to stop painting!

Rinske covers, in this full comprehensive course, everything from the basics of acrylic paint, supplies, mixing and consistency, color selection, composition, how to use the blow dryer & spinning table, and of course 6 different methods to create spectacular blooms and flowers.

Once you go through all the videos and materials of this online course (at your own pace), you will be equipped with the knowledge to achieve consistent results with your own flower paintings.

The course is easy to understand, and can also be implemented right away!

But be aware, this pouring technique is highly addictive and your house will probably become your private gallery ;-).


Rinske Douna’s Exclusive
Dutch Pour Bloom Course

Use coupon code: RINSKE10 

Get to know Rinske

Meet Your Expert Art Instructor

Rinske Douna

Rinske Douna is an internationally recognized fluid abstract artist from the Netherlands who is best known for the Dutch pour, an acrylic painting technique. Many of her works are inspired from the colors of nature and the ocean. Her works are recognisable by her use of negative space, colors and composition.

Sneak peek!

 Everything You Need to Know is

Inside This Step-by-Step Online Course

Here’s a quick sneak peek of what you’ll discover inside the course…

1) Recommended Materials & Supplies

  • Discover what Materials & Supplies to use and recommended by Rinske
  • Learn how to find the perfect Blow dryer and how to let the Blow dryer work for you!
  • Find out what Spinning table to use and how to attach it to your canvas

2) Acrylic Paint & Mixing

  • Find out and understand what Acrylic Paint is
  • Rinske’s recommended Acrylic Brands and how to find your own
  • Discover how to mix your Acrylics & get the right consistency for this Technique

3) A Simple Breakdown on Color Harmony & Composition

  • Find out what Composition is and why it’s important for the Dutch Pour Bloom Technique
  • Learn how to use Color Harmony in selecting your Color Palettes
  • Discovering how to layer your Colors to get the Results you want!

4) Quick Demonstrations on Vital Components within this Technique

  • Discover how to use your Blow dryer when blowing out puddles & lines
  • Learn how to create Bloom Petals full of color
  • Learn to create different Focal Points
  • Find out how to carve out your Bloom Petals for a perfect balanced painting

5) Different Dutch Pour Bloom Techniques

  • Find out how to create the Perfect Flower on a small canvas with the ‘Twist Blow’ (8×8″)
  • Discover how to create a Starburst Dutch Bloom and how you can implement a ‘Boundary color’ to avoid certain colors to be mixed (12×16″)
  • Learn how to create a Tweaked Dutch Bloom by adding more Detail in the Petals (20×20″)
  • Find out how to get Spectacular Results with Pearl Paints and a Colorblock Dutch Bloom (24×24″)
  • How to create a Huge Dutch Bloom with Gold Lining (32×32″)
  • *BONUS!! Learn how to make a Flowering Vine Dutch Bloom on a Rectangle Canvas (24×32″)


    7) How to Troubleshoot the Most Common Problems

    • Find out how to fix your basepaint, edges and overall composition
    • Learn what you need to do when your Blow out and/or Spin out is not working
    • Discover how to avoid Muddy Colors
    • …and much more!



    And… you will receive these EXTRA’S!

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      • Connect directly with your course instructor Rinske
      • Join other fellow artists from all around the world online, anytime you wish
      • Share your artwork, get additional feedback and valuable insights, and support

    BONUS #2 ! Interact with others in the course (and instructor) through course comments!

    BONUS #3 ! Get Exclusive access to periodic updates, new videos and new lectures

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I follow your course at my own pace?

    Yes! You can! This is a pre-recorded course. You can login anytime to access the courses. You can go at your own pace. You have lifetime access.

    What supplies do I need?

    We explain and show what products we use and why we recommend them. We teach you how you can choose supplies available to you and in your country.

    Do you offer feedback?

    Under the sections & video’s in our courses you can post comments. We try to answer comments weekly.

    Are there Subtitles?

    Yes. This course has subtitles in English & Dutch.

    Do you have a refund policy?

    Yes. We have a 14-day refund policy. No questions asked. Email us here

    Can I get a Certificate?

    If you complete the course Dutch Pour Bloom, you will receive a digital Certificate of completion.

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