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Our Courses

Acrylic Pouring A-to-Z

Inside this highly informative course, we cover every step of Acrylic Pouring from A to Z for you in precise detail.

By Molly Leach, Olga Soby & Rinske Douna

Botanical Abstract Painting 

Inside this course, you will discover Rinske’s full creative process and learn how to create Exceptional Botanical Paintings.

By Rinske Douna

Swipe Technique Course

This in-depth course will teach you how to use your palette knife to create abstract fluid artwork with beautiful cells and lacing.

By Molly Leach

Dutch Pour Bloom 

Inside this step-by-step course, you will learn how to create Spectacular Flower Paintings with the Dutch Bloom Technique.

By Rinske Douna

Botanical Dutch Pour 

Inside this comprehensive course, you will learn how to create Amazing Botanical Paintings with Fluid Art & Embellishments.

By Tina Sellek

Mindfully Creative: Art Techniques for the Mind, Body, and Soul

This unique course shows you how to use art techniques and creativity to practice mindfulness.

By Mark Ratcliffe


What our students say

Thank you for such a brilliant course!

This course has been OUTSTANDING and a pleasure to take part in. Now more of the fun continues, where I put this all into practice. I will also keep referring back to this platform as a library of information. Thank you for such a brilliant course!

Very in-depth and well done.

I signed up for your course and I have to say it is absolutely fabulous! I am still on the first session, I’ve gone over it several times. Every time I watch it I see something that I missed. Very in-depth and well done. The instructors are so good. Great Course!

Who are we?

About Us

Molly & Rinske

Smart Art Courses was founded by Molly Leach (Molly’s Artistry) and Rinske Douna – 2 internationally-known artists. 

Upon meeting in 2019 we discovered an instant connection that would evolve into a lasting friendship. In just a few short years, the vision for Smart Art Courses emerged, with the first course co-authored by Molly, Rinske, and Olga Soby. The positive response from our students was both humbling and inspiring, motivating us to expand our educational community.

Fueled by the enthusiasm of our students, we decided to transform into a comprehensive art course platform, providing a diverse range of tutorials from various authors. The journey has been exciting, and we are grateful for the continuous growth and development, both personally and artistically.

At Smart Art Courses, we cherish the incredible community that has evolved alongside us. We express our heartfelt gratitude to all our students who have been part of this journey. Together, we celebrate creativity, growth, and the joy of artistic expression. Join us as we continue to learn, create, and inspire! Happy Painting!

Mission Statement

At Smart Art Courses, our mission is to empower individuals to foster their creativity through high-quality instructional tutorials. We strive to guide students in creating stunning artworks, discovering their unique style, and continuously grow creatively. We are committed to building an artistic community, to evolve alongside our students, and provide new and innovative tutorials that expand our artistic boundaries.

Molly Leach (Molly’s Artistry)

Molly Leach is an internationally known abstract artist located in South Florida. She has lived in coastal cities most of her life and she draws a lot of her inspiration from the ocean. She likes to emphasize color combinations, composition, and movement. This is why the swipe technique has become one of her favorite techniques!

Rinske Douna

Rinske Douna is an internationally recognized abstract artist from the Netherlands who is best known for the Dutch pour, an acrylic painting technique.
Many of her works are inspired from the shapes and colors of nature and the different seasons.
Her works are recognisable by her use of negative space, colors and composition.

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