by Mark J Ratcliffe

Art and Creativity can Change Lives

In life, we face many hurdles and each one helps us grow as a person. Emotions, thoughts and feelings really impact how we perform or decide to live our everyday life. In my online course, Mindfully Creative, I explore how to achieve peace and relaxation, with the injection of art and creativity, in mindfulness practices. I talk about acknowledging how we feel and to paint or carry out creative exercises without pressure or judgement. 

Let’s think about this from another perspective. Who turns to art to help them process the sad times? Who turns to art in the good times? Who uses their emotions to influence and inspire their own art? For all those questions, the answer from me is I DO. I can totally relate to that, can you too? 

Since I was a child, I have loved art and creativity. In the pandemic, fluid art became my go-to art form and I was learning so much from watching various artists online teach fluid art through their tutorials. As I started to learn, make mistakes, evolve as an artist myself… I became interested in also wanting to teach and help others learn what I have learned. I wanted to give something back to the community that I’ve loved becoming part of. I launched my own YouTube channel and was amazed at all the kind messages of support and encouragement not only from people in my own country, the UK, but from people all around the world. Wow. I am so grateful, even to this day, for my art channel, but mostly for all the connections and friendships I have made along the way. As the years have gone on, and with the launch of my own online course, it was apparent that we all, for various reasons, turn to art to help us. We look at art and creativity as a tool to assist us with situations, inform answers to questions we may have. Whether that’s to help us relax, escape from the stresses of our jobs, as therapy, to heal from a health diagnosis or to just go to our “happy place” it occurred to me that it’s such a powerful thing to do. We all have our own reasons, but I think we should all be proud of why we turn to art and proud of exploring our art and creativity. For me personally, I’ve painted when I’ve felt so sad, when I’ve lost someone so important to me through grief. I’ve painted when I’m high on life and so happy with how things are turning out. I’ve painted when all I want to do is give myself some “me” time. If you watch my YouTube channel, you’ll probably be able to see how I’m feeling based on the creations I make. 

When things get to be too much, or you think you don’t know what to do next, take some time for yourself, pick up a paintbrush, a fluid cup, a camera… whatever your favourite medium is and just let yourself go and create, because whether we know it consciously or not, our creative process really can save us from almost any situation. Be proud of being able to express how you feel within your painting or creativity because I know without doubt that every creation you make, means something to you on a really personal level. 

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Check out Mark’s course on Smart Art Courses: Mindfully Creative: Art Techniques for the Mind, Body and Soul www.smartartcourses/art-for-mindfulness 


Mark Ratcliffe from Mark J Ratcliffe Art: Abstract Artist & Creator; Certified Meditation Coach and Wellbeing Practitioner.  Written in his own words @MarkJRatcliffeArt /

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