Epoxy Resin Finish

Mastery Course by Olga Soby

Learn how to create a beautiful, flawless glass-like finish on your painting.

Even if you’re new to Epoxy Resin!


NEW Exclusive Epoxy Finish Mastery Course

Enhance your Artwork with a Glass-Like Finish!

This online course is the essence of my knowledge and skills created for professionals, hobbyists, or complete newbies that teaches how to achieve a flawless glass-like finish on your paintings using Epoxy Resin.

With this mastery course, you’ll get instant access to the best step-by-step tutorials and advanced troubleshooting that will help you overcome any challenges associated with working with epoxy. I will teach you how to create a perfect finish, reduce waste, choose the best supplies, save money. and most importantly, how to use epoxy resin safely!

Benefits of using Epoxy Resin to finish your artwork:

  •  Create a beautiful rich professional glass-like finish.
  •  Enhance the vibrancy of your artwork and make your colors POP.
  •  Add depth to your painting with this thick finish.
  •  Protect your artwork and hide any cracks and other textural imperfections with this perfect glass-like finish.

No epoxy resin experience is needed!

Whether you want to improve your skills or learn from scratch, I have something you’re absolutely going to love in this resin class!
This course is packed with amazing information, my best tips, tricks, and ultimate secrets for a FLAWLESS finish.

If you are tired of wasting your time and money and ready for consistent results, this course will take you from a newbie to a MASTER!

Meet Your Expert Art Instructor

Olga Soby

Olga Soby is an internationally recognized fluid artist from Canada. Being a huge art enthusiast, she is best known for her passion for bright colors, bold movement in composition, and love of experimenting.

She truly believes in the creative spark in everyone and loves helping people to find it and turn it into a bright artistic flame.

Epoxy Resin is Olga’s go-to finish for her beautiful paintings, and she is famous for flawless results.

Sneak peek!

Everything You Need to Know is

Inside This Step-by-Step Online Course

My #1 mission with this Epoxy Resin Masterclass is to create a user-friendly, easy-to-follow comprehensive course that can be implemented right away.
Here’s a quick sneak peek of what you’ll discover inside:

Epoxy Resin Safety

  • Learn best practices on how to use/handle epoxy resin SAFELY.
  • Discover all the necessary PPE and ways to set up your working area to ensure your safety.
  • See Olga’s step-by-step preparation, PPE routine, and other safety precautions.

My #1 Most Recommended Resin Brands and Supplies

  • Discover which epoxy resin brands work the best and recommended by Olga.
  • See Olga’s go-to epoxy application tools with links, instructions, and so much more!
  • Learn the best way to organize and store your epoxy resin supplies

Workspace Setup Recommendations

  • Get to know the best tips and tricks for your workspace setup and how to protect your table and floor.
  • Find out how to effectively set up a table, light, and, most importantly, your painting for an easy process and flawless results.
  • Learn how to protect your painting from dust during the curing time.

Painting Preparation and Sealing

  • Learn how long to wait and how to prepare your painting before epoxy resin application.
  •  Understand when and how to apply sealer to your artwork


    Resin Measurements and Calculations

    • Find out how to properly calculate the amount of resin required for your painting size (by weight and by volume).
    •  Discover the right way to measure and mix your epoxy (by weight and by volume).

    Two Advanced Resin Application Methods

    • Understand how to properly prepare the resin for the best results
    •  Learn two advanced step-by-step techniques of resin application that will allow you to achieve a perfect glass-like finish on your painting regardless of your previous epoxy resin experience. Olga reveals her best tips and insights.


      Finishing Touches

      • Find out the most effective way to remove tape after epoxy resin application.
      • Discover tips on how to prevent the paint and epoxy resin from bleeding under the tape.

      Best Cleaning Supplies and Waste Reduction

      • Learn how to properly clean your supplies after each use.
      • Know how to reuse your epoxy resin tools and minimize the waste.

      Troubleshooting: Air Bubbles and Dust in Your Epoxy

      • Get access to Olga’s best tips on how to get an air bubble-free epoxy resin finish.
      • Discover the best ways to protect your painting from dust, hair, and other particles.
      • Troubleshooting: Yellowing

      Troubleshooting: Yellowing.

      • Discover reasons that stand behind yellowing in epoxy resin.
      • Find out how to minimize the yellowing effectively.
      • Understand what else can cause yellowing and how to avoid it.
      • Learn tricks on how to deal with yellowed hardener.

      Troubleshooting: Fisheye and Other Textural Imperfection

      • Learn how to avoid/fix fisheye effect.
      • Find out how to NEVER get wet spots / uncured resin.
      • Understand reasons of other textural imperfections in resin such as waves, lines, divots, etc.
      • Learn How to Fix ANY Imperfections

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